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For A Fat Chick, She's Got Some Sweet Moves

Oh Hai Guyzz!
I'm Helen I live in Birmingham, England. I'm (hopefully) one of the less annoying fangirls you encounter on tumblr.
I'm also a fashion degree holder and a fatty. I'm not cool, different or otherwise and i don't really use loadsa weird language to look funky fresh.
But yeah come say hi, it would be awfully nice.
Loser(s) Lurking

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Official poster for Iron Man 3

Official poster for Iron Man 3

“Men are goats, we can’t help it. Unless we really decide to, and then something changes in our eyes, and things are just a little different forever. I address women differently now. Before, there was always some part of me that subconsciously was cruising them. Any member of the opposite sex that I met. So now when I go out to lunch, I just order food, and keep it above chin level.”


like two kids playing. no don’t punch my iron man! lol

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Q: Which Avenger is the coolest?

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weirdly attracted to RDJ